Monday, February 4, 2008


perfect rainy day called for some homeade wheat bread.will be great with dinner. it didnt turn out like i wanted it too, but it never does! truely scrumptious with honey butter!

today addie has a cough. probably picked it up from nursery. wouldnt be suprised!

moved callies bed out of our room. i need sleep!!!

going to take pictures of the items i have been working on for my etsy shop. and hopefully get it all set up. hopefully. i cant wait!

dinner is in the crockpot, i am in my comfy clothes. it is a perfect day to spend inside at home. enjoy your monday!


Candace said...

oh, i've been wanting homemade bread for some time now. just haven't gotten around to making any. do you mind sending some of that my way? or do you even have any left?

Kendyl said...

talk about bad weather!!! we have AT LEAST a foot and a half of snow and it is still coming!! it is great and so pretty!! eish you guys were here

The Broomall Family said...

looks yummy! I love homemade bread...i just don't love making it! you'll have to let me know when your etsy shop is ready so I can check it out! Busy lady!

Julz said...

Hey Hess, what is an etsy shop? I love you guys and miss you. hope you have a good day.

tatum said...

That bread looks so yummy. I love making homemade bread the smell makes my house smell wonderful. I haven't done it in a while. My sister has been bringing me some with those double ovens of hers! and all the fancy bake ware she has. Wish we could of gone to Ikea today. . . I just feel awful. I'm totally bumming around today. Sucks.

Lexi said...

that sounds so fun, i wish i could have a comfy relax day... but dave comes home next week and has 4 days off, so soon enough