Tuesday, February 5, 2008


ive only had use of one arm today. she cries when i put her down, and when i look at her and then turn away. so clingy. wont take a nap.
oh but shes precious.

*love this song and have had it in my head all day. making me very happy


*got this in the mail today. its one of my favorite kid magazines. the pictures are great and inspiring. just love looking through it. maybe i can sneek a little in before i hit the pillow.


Meagan said...

Sounds like Hudson lately.... he's cutting all 4 molars! Not so much fun.... but they're almost in!

Lexi said...

I have had lots of days with babies not letting go of me, actually, that is ever night after 5 pm for Laycee lol. That song is cute, i love the video

tatum said...

You are so frigg'n CUTE!

tatum said...

that song is great! now its in my head. you are so frigg'n COOL!