Wednesday, February 6, 2008


my little one has a horrible cough. it is so sad. she cant sleep. this night is going to be a long one. i have given her night time meds and put vicks on her neck and chest, but what else can you do for a 2 year old. she sounds horrible. we both arent getting sleep because of this nasty cough. any motherly tips out there that i dont know of yet??
* mark let me sleep in until 8! so nice. i love you!
* callie is following me everywhere!
*addie insisted on wearing these shoes.
* both girls took great naps. while i waisted my precious time.
* i went to the chiropractor. very much needed. after yesterdays post!
* i went for a run with mark and the girls. mark pushed the stroller and me! i love having his encouragment and it is much easier for me when he is with me.
* we had chips and salsa with dinner. i forgot how much i love chips and salsa.

it was a good day. lets just hope addie can get some sleep and get better.


Ulibarri Family said...

Vicks on the chest is ok, but it tends to wear off easily. Try putting it on her feet with socks over her feet, I swear it works!

Other things to try:
Honey! Of course, only after kids turn 1, but it actually works better than meds. Here is an article on it

candy canes if you can find them.

Kendyl said...

karsyn girl is hacking up a storm too!! I heard the vicks on the feet works wonders... i should try that too..... anyway,, you are just getting toooo skinny minny you little runner you!!!!

Lexi said...

Okay well I guess amy told you what i was going to tell you. I havne't tried it yet becuase the kids got over their cough before i heard about it, but I also heard that vicks on the feet and socks over them somehow help with the cough. But I know how Addie feels. I have had a horrible cold and cough for a week now and it is killing me. Great job on getting out and running. I can't wait until I can run more, I just have to order a new tire for the doublr jogging stroller i have

tatum said...

Most of my comments were from you silly! So strange how are kids are always sick at the same time. I want to go to the mall today we haven't really left the house since Sunday. I'm going crazy..

The Van Fam said...

I have heard that too... put vicks on her little feet, it seemed to work for Trey! And I am so jealous you got to sleep in until 8! Lucky!