Wednesday, February 27, 2008

out with the old.....

i finished up some hot pads for the sew along project. i had a lot of fun. there were defiantly some mess ups and i learned by trial and error, but i had fun. these ones were test runs and i am excited to make more!

green apple hot pad

the back of the "green apple"

lemon hot pad

i am just loving these colors and the fabrics. my favorite!
the back of the "lemon". i LOVE hounds tooth print!

tweet hot pad

i just had fun with this one. i put together everything that i love right now... birds,hounds tooth, green, this is what i came up with!

lemon oven mitt

i loved this combo so much, i had to make an oven mitt to go with the hot pad.

i am going to put these on the
you can see these along with other peoples projects!


Blake & Andrea said...

you did a really good job, I'm looking forward to starting my sewing projects, I ran into a few fun websites that I'll email you!

The Claridges said...

You are amazing! I look at your blog ifs ands or buts! Everything you make makes me so jealous! Such cute cute stuff.

Lexi said...

i love the tweet one. it is really cute!

tatum said...

Those ALL turned out perfect! I love the oven mitt! Everything you try at turns out great! Wish I could do that! See ya at Dueper!!!

Taralee and Trace said...

You are so crafty. Those little hot pads are so adorable. I want to make some now. Where do you get the cute fabric! I love the color combos.

Jaemi said...

These are all really great. I especially love the tweet one. I want it for my kitchen. Too cute, great job on them all.

Erin said...

I am in love with those! You should seriously consider selling them! I would be your first buyer. Did you grow up sewing, or did you just kinda teach yourself? (I want to know if this is something I could learn how to do!).