Thursday, February 7, 2008


typical morning breakfast. addie playing with her food, not eating it. she has never liked breakfast. she is at the table for less than five min. i have to open all the windows first thing and let the light in. callie was making that silly face all morning... what is this face. i know its not gas!!she is so silly!
today was a....
burn the pancakes day.
let my hair air dry day.
beautiful day. 60 degrees.
laundry day.
change the oil day.

try to not get sick day.

and if i am lucky, get to bed early day.
i am so blessed. i have the most wonderful, unselfish husband. two beautiful girls. they are a handful sometimes but they are so good. i love them. it amazes me that they are apart of me. that i carried them and they grew inside of me! truely amazing. i cherish them. i catch myself just staring at them, in awe. today was good.
good night.xoxo


Lexi said...

I can so relate to your laundry picture. Everyday looks like that in my house becuase we can only do 1 maybe 2 loads per day. It takes forever to do laundry here! I think its funny addies doesn't like breakfast, neither does trent

The Van Fam said...

Jess you are so stinkin cute! I love all of your posts and pictures.. Laudry ughh at least it was still a good day! I wanna come see your house sometime!

tatum said...

That {face} I just want to squeeze her. Bummer bout' Addie. Why is she so sick? Poor thing. I desperately need to change my oil. This post reminded me. I have a lifetime of free oil changes at the dealership in Scottsdale but I never make it out there when I should. What a good husband!

Fullerton Family said...

I love Callie's face! How funny are babies?! And laundry day~ yuck! NO fun!

Jaemi said...

I do the same thing. I catch myself just watching my kids, just to see "who" they are. My oldest is 7 and I still can't believe I birthed two wonderful kids. They do make life a whole lot better.