Tuesday, February 26, 2008


well,,, i thought i would never say this...
we got a dog!
mark has wanted a dog sooooo bad, and has been begging to get one for a long time. i am NOT a dog person but i gave in.
his name is Cowboy. name requested by mark. he is 5 weeks and is a collie/lab mix.
he lives outside! and is to never set a paw in the house!
he is a cute guy i admit, but i know he is deceiving me.


Julz said...

I love the name choice very cute. He is a precious puppy. There is something that makes a home even more homey when there is a pet around. Hope it all works out. luv ya!

Britney said...

i cannot believe it...no seriously, i can't! wow! he is such a cute dog though!!! i bet he's gonna get pretty big huh? you'll get some awful cute pictures of your girls and the dog! i hope they enjoy him as much as we enjoyed our big dog!!!

Lexi said...

how cute! I am not a dog person either, but if you are serious about keeping him outside, he looks like a good playmate for addie

tatum said...

I love that name! I can't believe YOU got a dog! He's pretty dang cute!