Sunday, March 16, 2008

beautiful sunday. spent most of it in bed coughing. but it was still beautiful.

the Higbee family had its annual easter egg hunt. addie very much enjoyed it. makes me excited for the REAL thing ON easter. i am trying to think of things to fill her basket with other than candy. my mom would always get us something Christ related. a cd, book, etc. i have a few things in mind. what do you fill your little ones basket with? or if you dont have wee ones yet... what did you get in your basket growing up?
dont forget to wear green tomorrow!
xo Jess
dog for sale!!!!
please let me know if you want a dog!! or tell anyone who might be interested! please!!!


Lexi said...

i was thinking about the family easter party the other day thinking about how that is what I miss the most moving away. I miss the family activities. Oh well, Addie looks like she had fun. For easter this year, I didn't want candy either, so I plan on filling the eggs with little trinkets, not sure what yet, and I plan to buy the kids large print BOM so it is easier for them to follow along during scripture study

Taralee and Trace said...

My mom and dad..I mean the Easter Bunny, would just load us up with candy. I think I would have been disappointed if I didn't get reese's eggs and cabury little eggs. Me and Danica DID get matching Easter dresses complete with a bonnet. (And yes, we were forced to wear the bonnet.)