Tuesday, March 25, 2008

sewing swap

i bought this book awhile ago! i love it. so fun. i just signed up to be apart of the Bend the Rules Sewing Swap. the project is a handbag, the pattern is in the book. (you dont have to buy the book, they will send you a copy of the pattern). they will assign you a partner and you make a bag and send it to them by a deadline date. in return the recipient of your bag will send you a bag she made. sooo fun. all of you who would like to do this, read more about it and how to sign up here. the patterns in this book are super simple and very fun. so dont sweat it! SIGN UP!!!


tatum said...

What a super idea! I want to do it... but I don't want the person who gets mine to be disappointed. We will have to get together and practice! It's such a cute idea!

The Claridges said...

I would join but they would probably kick me out for making my project look like crap!