Wednesday, March 5, 2008

random thoughts with no pictures

my restless legs are keeping me up. i get this all the time at is the worst feeling. i need to be better at taking my magnesium and potassium!
i ordered a bed set! yay! thank you tax refund! it says it may take 4-6 weeks to get here. major bummed. but it will give me time to paint. and i went shopping early this morning for accessories. cant wait to put it all together and have a master bedroom!
addie was looking through our wedding pictures. she saw a picture of mark and got all excited! DADDY! she screamed. she saw a picture of me.... LITTLE MOMMY! what in the crap is that suppose to mean. yes i need to loose weight, but can a 2 year old really tell? or do i look THAT much older! o the joys of what comes out of a two year olds mouth!
speaking of, i need to write a letter....

Dear Terrible Twos,
please pack your bags and leave!!!! i think you have spent enough time invading our home. i think it will best if you just found somewhere else to live. no hurt feelings, i am just pooped!
Mrs. H

i love kissing my babies cheeks.( the face ones!)
i love being able to open my windows and let cool air in.
i love my determined, hard working husband. things will work out babe.
i love that my garage goes up and down now with the push of a button.
i love that at the end of this day, i look at myself and i have dried baby food all over my black shirt, my hair is taken out of the ponytail and is a mess. i have rough heals and permanent bags under my eyes..... because all of this means i am a mother.


tatum said...

Peyton's not even two and I'm ready for it to be over! The tantrums and the whining is unbearable somedays! My heels are getting crusty too! It is disgusting. I think it might just mean I need to frequently get pedicures. See ya tomorrow! Auh Dueper! I've heard his name in my home too many times this week!

Caitlin said...

Jessica, this is so funny. YOUR HOUSE SOUNDS LIKE MINE. There is so much in that post that resounds with me. Although its my husband with the jumpy legs. But I want to kiss the terrible twos long gone! I love my determined hard working husband and I LOVE being a mom! Way to go. I love your blog.

Blake & Andrea said...

Awesome that you ordered a bed set - it is always nice to feel settled, especially in your own room... I think the terrible two's started at my house at 14 months, with Tantrums, refusing to eat certain things, ignoring me and never looking at me when I am trying to take a picture! How do they learn this so young?? so much to look forward too huh! Being a mom rocks!

Fullerton Family said...

Ugh, I also have restless legs, it's awful! And if you don't mind, I am also going to borrow your letter. We still have 3 more months until Kami is officially two, but those "terrible twos" have been with us for a while already!!

The Van Fam said...

Jessica I loved reading that! I can relate to so much of that right now! You are such a good writer! How fun that you are decorating your room! You should post pictures when you are done!

Whiting Family said...

I have restless leg syndrome too! I found a cure though!!! This is going to sound way weird but get a bar of soap and put it between your mattress and fitted sheet at the bottom of your bed. Weird but it works!!!