Saturday, March 29, 2008

she insisted on stirring her own chocolate milk.

notice the newspaper. its opened to the auto section. mark was looking for a motorcycle! not happening honey! sorry!

addie is getting so big. i didnt want to forget her pulling her chair up to the island whenever i start to cook. she always wants to help and says, "i do it!"
other little things to not forget:
* calls callie sweetheart.
* loves her princess crown and shoes.
* is starting to dress herself.
* has an obsession with chapstick
* pretends to talk on the phone to cinderella, mimi, papa, and other unknown people.
* loves to sing
* counts like so.... 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,14,15,14,15,14,15
* when she wants something... " i want ummmmmmmmm"
* is always asking where people and things are. wheres mommies purse, wheres peyton, wheres mimi, wheres soap.... on and on and on
* makes fishy faces and says, " im nemo, your dori.

i love you addie. you are a busy girl, but you are my precious darlin. i love to cuddle, although you dont let me very often because you cant hold still. i love that you giggle when i give you butterfly kisses. i love you, and at this very moment i wish you would never grow up. tomorrow we can make banana bread and i will let you stir.


Rayzzle said...

Do you know it's been almost 4 years since I last saw you? Your kidlets are darling; I can't believe I haven't met them! It's a good thing you have a blog--I'm adding you to my blogstalk feed :)
My love to the fam,

Jessica said...

anna! how do i see your blog? what is your blog address?? so good to hear from you!

Rayzzle said...

Fixed it. Now we can blog-stalk each other. Yay!

Jaemi said...

Ah, I love when they want to start things on their own. But it is sad when they really don't need mommy anymore for the little things. She's so sweet. Sorry Mark about no motorcycle. We love ours. I love sitting behind Evan on the bike and riding. It's so fun.

Karolyn and Britton Bates said...

She is such a cute little girl. That is funny that Mark wants a motorcycle. Doesn't he see a lot of wrecks being a cop and all? Britton has taken his dads motorcycle a few times and it scares me so bad!

tatum said...

I love Addie! She is such a smart, happy, beautiful girl!!! You're a lucky mama!!!