Wednesday, March 12, 2008

impossible became possible

today i was able to mark off so many things from my never ending list. maybe because my 7 month old took a 3 hour nap (impossible became possible!) we have all been under the weather but thanks to day quill i got so much accomplished today. i hate those days when you lay down in bed and think " what in the heck did i do today?" that wont be the case tonight. we got our bedroom and bathroom painted. i mowed the lawn (to some this may seem an impossible, but i really can mow. possible!) i got all the laundry washed, folded and PUT AWAY!!! ( impossible became possible) i never seem to get all the folded clothes put away and it just ends up folded, put in the hamper and thrown in the hallway.i even was able to ride bikes with my family to the park and play with them! i am so proud of all of the day in and day out things i got accomplished. it feels good. my kids are safely tucked in bed. night.


Jaemi said...

That's amazing how much you got done. I don't get nearly as much done during the day and my list grows longer every day. I wish my outside looked like your outside.... maybe I would have more motivation.

tatum said...

O how I love days when you get a ton done. It gets you excited that every day you COULD, get that much done but it doesn't work like that!