Thursday, March 13, 2008

day of play

munched on grass and got their little feet all dirty!

you hide. i'll seek

tatum is the cutest thing. she always dresses so cute and is so fun to hang out with and talk to. i always love our get togethers.

more hiding and giggling

ring around the rosey. so cute. they have there moments together but they are so cute together. always holding hands.

carefree peyton. addie really does love you, even if she hit you with a broom. you are her best pal!


tatum said...

You ARE the soooo freak'n cute one! You're such a GREAT photographer! We had so much fun today. As always!

The Van Fam said...

So many cute new posts! I love all of them! Please teach me how to take pictures! =)

Lexi said...

These pictures make life appear so peaceful! I wish my kids had other kids to play with :( We don't live near other Americans, so they never to get play with anyone but each other