Thursday, March 27, 2008

i am debating on if i want to cut my little ones hair! her daddy likes it long. its just getting kinda snarly when it is down. i think she would be cute with a short bob for summer. we will see?

i got the supernanny book i have been wanting. on the back it gives a list of some of the nannies strategies...
*preventing fussy eaters form taking over mealtimes
*resolving your child's sleep problems, once and for all
*avoiding sibling rivalry battles
*how to talk so your children will listen
*how to enjoy parenting without it feeling like a chore
*how to establish a routine that works for you
*how to bridge the gap between you and your children
*how to get the most from your children and yourself
i soooo need this book. it may sound as though i am a horrible parent and that my kids are totally out of control, i dont think it is that way yet, but i am excited about this book so that it doesnt get any worse. i am NOT a perfect mother and need some help here and there. i hope this book can give me new hope!:)will update on how its all going.
for now i am on my way to put my girls in their swim suits, cut up a watermelon and head outside. maybe even fill up the little pool, and get a little supernanny reading in!


The Van Fam said...

Yep we moved back! We should definitely hang out! That would be so fun! I am home pretty much all day so let me know when you want to... what about next week?

Blain&Deedra said...

Don't you LOVE Supernanny, she is my inspiration and when I want to just give in on something with my girls I think, NO I can't create a bad habit. I think I might get that book too.

tatum said...

I think her hair is beautiful! Once your done with that book you can pass it on to me! I need all the advice I can get! Maybe I'll just check it out at the library. I think you are such a good mom!!! I had so much fun today. Thank you for being such a good friend as well. I love our time together~

Lexi said...

I have that debate every year because Haylees hair is so thick and long, and every year I have bobbed it, but this year I decided to let it grow.

Jaemi said...

I love the Super Nanny. Evan would never let her near our home, but I think I need her right now with my 7 year old deciding to be rotten lately. Not sure what phase this is, but I hate it.