Monday, March 24, 2008

easter sunday

saturday we dyed eggs in hopes that the easter bunny would come.

her whole hands were green by the time we were done!

sunday morning came... and so did the easter bunny.

the children were too sick to go( or be allowed) in nursery, so they stayed home with mimi and papa while me and mark were able to enjoy a wonderful and uplifting church meeting. in all the bustle i failed to get a picture of my darlings in their sunday best. hope your easter day was spent with the ones you love and thought about the wonderful gift of new life given to us.


tatum said...

Cute pictures! So dying eggs makes the Easter bunny come to your house? Good to know. I totally did the Easter baskets myself. Hopefully next year. . .

Farnsworth Family said...

Jess, I realy need to get you to take picture for my blog. I love looking at your it is so beautiful. Your girls are so sweet and I can't believe your little one has gotten so big.