Thursday, March 13, 2008

my book wish list

i could read:
* this one at the table.
* this one when i have a headache.
* this one (or put) this one in my daughters easter basket.
* this one when feeling the itch.
* this one when it is hot as hell in the summer and cant go outside!
* and this one just because everyone says it is so dang good!


Blain&Deedra said...

Love Supernanny and Twighlight is SOO good. Good choices.

Ulibarri Family said...

I think I'm tired, when I saw the one for "when I have an itch" I thought of something totally different and was wondering what kind of home treatment you were looking for! Sorry, I guess I need to go to sleep!

Oh, the potty one was cute, but didn't work for my kids *sigh*

The Weights said...

We missed you guys too! Our car was having trouble so I was stuck without a car. Next week we will won't be there either, I'm going to a friends wedding in Utah. I wish we could have gone to the park with you guys, Olivia loves running around at the park. Let us know anytime you ever want to go again!

Lexi said...

I love reading, maybe I will read some of the ones you chose lol. Let me tell you though, Twilight is amazing! You really should read it and even though it is almost 500 pages, it is such a fast read. I was lucky because the library had them here. It is a when you are feeling like a love story kind of book.

Britney said...

don't get started on the twilight series unless you are prepared to feed a serious addiction. i'm just warning you!! :) they are really quick reads and you get sucked in!