Friday, July 18, 2008


a way to beat this heat!

i live in an oven! i am so sick of this heat. it is a bazillion degrees outside. it is making me cranky and tired. i am so hot. why do i live here again?
and.... i am sick of the traffic and detours and nonsense.i got stuck in this traffic jam on my way home from ice cream scarfing.
what should have taken me 20 min. took and hour and half. i think i am being punished.


jes said...

yum! the traffic is one of the many reasons i am so glad to not live down there!! (the heat is probably the main one! i was down last week, and just about melted..)
anyway, i love the picture of the day. such a good idea. i just might copy you next month. and your little one year old is a doll.
how lucky are you! love nashville star! i hope you have a grand time!! and a trip ALONE anywhere would be o so fun! so lucky..

Lexi said...

that ice cream looks so good! I haven't had soft serve ice cream since we left the states. They don't sell it anywhere here. And the traffic jam sucks. I am not looking to that when we go back to the states.

jessamyn said...

i hear you on this one. i do.

tatum said...

AZ traffic is the pits. Especially with kids! I swear an hour in the car feels like 3.