Thursday, July 17, 2008

stuck in a rut

i have been in a rut. we all have at one time or another, right? i have been busy. but feel like im not really doing anything. i am tired. but i have so much to do, or want to do. i want to stay up and quilt and finish my vampire book! :O) so silly. but i love it. and mention it way too often. no more mentioning it, promise. i need to go to bed so i can be rested and be a happy, energetic mother tomorrow. but that quilt is calling my name!
just been down, so i will start fresh and continue on with the photo a day tomorrow.


tatum said...

YOU? stuck in a rut? didn't think that was possible!! I'm positive that it's not. You've just got other things on your mind... like being in love with a vampire. :)

Madsen Family said...

Vampire books are so good! Which one are you on? I have the biggest crush on a vampire. haha... I just read Tatum's comment on the side. Ok, I'm willing to share my infatuation with the rest of the world.

Lexi said...

we do all feel like this sometimes.