Thursday, July 31, 2008


plane ride reads

i have been wanting to get this book by amanda blake soule! she is so great. now that i will have some quiet reading time, i splurged and got it. cant wait to get my eyes on these pages!

what are you reading? (other than twilight?:O))
magazines, books?

some have asked how weening has gone....
my child has caught on, but my breasts havent!
i havent fed her in about a week, and one side has gotten the clue, but the other side is going to burst. i am lop sided! it hurts!


Kendyl said...

oh jess!
i hope you guys have a blast on your trip.. i need a vacation! i actually am leaving miley for the first time tomorrow over night until sat night!!! I dont know what my boobs will do either! actually i am down to 1 time a day.. if that , and this girl love SKIM MILK!! woo hoo.. a skinnier child soon to come!! NO.. i love fattness!!(on her)

Ashley B said...

Oh the weening thing sounds Oh so fun! This is kind of weird, but some friends have sworn to me that you should wrap yourself (the girls) REALLY tight with an Ace Bandage at night or in the day if you can and that is suppose to help. Who knows though, I haven't tried it personally! And as far as reading, I'm slowly getting through Pride and Prejudice. I love love love that book! It's taking longer than I would like though because I seem to have my hands full lately! Well this has been long! You guys have a blast on your trip!

Jess said...

Have a GREAT vacation. I come home on Tuesday, so if I can help with the kids, let me know. As for books... can't help, other than Breaking Dawn coming out TOMORROW!!! That could be a wonderful read for your trip. Have fun!!!